Jennifer Holiday and Howard Grossman have been working with a wide range of small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, and individuals to help shape both their message and presentation.
With extensive experience in Marketing and Design, we have developed promotional materials, websites, identities and logos, as well as the conception and creation of the website
Examples of our work (to the right, and below) will be updated regularly. Please have a look around and get in touch.
Jennifer Holiday and Howard Grossman

—an online guide to the Rivertowns of Southern Westchester, NY—is the principal project of 744 Creative.
We are responsible for the conception, planning, execution and daily upkeep of all information and design in regard to the website.
Being a lifestyle-oriented site that is updated many times a day, much of the information we organize, and graphics we create are ultimately "disposable" (such as events that have passed).
Captured below is a sampling of that work we have done, and continue to do each day.
Top page "Headers"
We design "Headers" (above) to compliment the top page content as it changes throughout the week. By the end of our first year we will have created over 130 unique designs–each promoting various events throughout the villages. See more examples HERE
Banner ads
Banner ads run across the top of the page—often appear for a week or two to advertise a particular event. We create distinctive banner ads (above) for our advertisers. See more examples HERE
Button ads
Our standard size ads that run vertically down the right-hand side of each page. See more examples HERE
Special Events graphics
When information for any unique or one-time event is housed on the site, we create a graphical navigation for our front page. Clicking through takes you to that area on our site where the information lives. Full-size HERE
Hosting event information
RivertownsGuide has "hosted" events by housing (and regularly updating) all of the information in instances where there was no other web presence available. These dedicated pages within the site allow for 24/7 access to updated information, schedules, photos, video, etc...
Promotional Materials
Promo: postcard for
Promo: mini-poster for

Poster for the independent film "Obscene" (2007)
Identity for Mary Esther Malloy-Hopwood
Concert Promo for Paula Cole/Lisa Lynne Mathis
Logo: Rivertowns Jazz & Blues Festival
Promo postcard: Rivertowns Jazz & Blues Festival
Poster for 12milesnorth: Grassroots Music Festival, 2009
Logo: "" | Greenleaf Pharmacy, Hastings
Poster for RiverArts: 15th Annual Studio Tour, 2008
Program for RiverArts 14th Annual Studio Tour, 2007
Identity/Poster for "Think Globally Sing Locally"
Identity/Poster for TOAST (Hastings)
Concert (4 ft. x 4 ft.) Billboard
Logo design for Aquefest
Promo card (front + back) for Benjamin Cabot, Stone Sculptor
Logo/Identity for Everyday Parenting (business card)
Promo cards for Don Pollard, Photographer
Logo: Cima
Promo card: 12E Design
Web ads for Hastings Popcorn & Puppet Festival
Press Sheet: Lisa Lynn Mathis
Promo card: Jeff Boyer Productions

Hastings Nursery School
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Website (and Identity):
Harold Holzer, author/historian
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Website (and Identity):
Mary Esther Malloy-Hopwood
Doula / Birthing Instructor
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Website (and Identity):
Benjamin Cabot, stone sculptor
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Website (and Identity):
Sonn & Associates,
NY Real Estate Attorneys
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Website (and Identity):
Philip Kunhardt
Author / Filmmaker
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Website (and Identity):
Howard Grossman
Site for Publishing Industry
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